Tamasha 1952

Dilip, spoilt and careless grandson of wealthy Rai Bahadur, is in love with film actress Nayantara and wants to marry her. However, Nayantara wants to marry him only for his wealth. Rai Bahadur totally disapproves this. However, film actor Ashok Kumar knows the truth as he also loves Nayantara. Dilip, unaware of Nayantara's ulterior motives, deceives Rai Bahadur time & again. On a day, Rai Bahadur with the help of his doctor friend, plays a trick. He pretends to be on his death bed and asks Dilip to change his ways. Dilip tries to assure him that he is out of the alliance with Nayantara and is in love with a nice girl who he plans to marry with. Rai Bahadur asks him to bring that girl in. Helpless Dilip ropes in Kiran. Rai Bahadur likes Kiran and hires her to take care of his house and himself until Dilip marries her. Unwillingly, Dilip co-op with the situation but falls in love with Kiran as he is now aware of what Nayantara wants. But he cannot marry Kiran as Nayantara starts blackmailing him at the pretext of some photographs she has in her possession. She threatens to sue Dilip but Ashok Kumar comes in and saves Dilip. Written by Vinod Arya

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