Spotlight on Christmas 2020

Movie star Olivia O'Hara looks forward with dread to a bittersweet Christmas. The third movie in a successful superhero franchise in which she stars will be released on Christmas Day, but she wants to return to what she trained for, namely the classics and more taxing dramatic fare. But what she is most concerned about this Christmas season is avoiding reporters and the paparazzi who only seem interested in her public humiliation surrounding the breakup with her rock star now ex-fiancé, Ryan Wrangler, who broke up with her via text. She can admit in hindsight that their relationship was heading in the direction of a split in Ryan now seeming more concerned about his fame than about her. To avoid the publicity, for the first time since she became famous, Liv heads home to small town Happy Valley, Colorado unannounced to spend Christmas with her family. Not returning before now was as much about lack of time as it was about the painful memories of her long-deceased father Michael O'Hara, the basketball coach at her alma mater, Eagle Heights High. In Happy Valley, she runs into an old high-school classmate, Casey Rawlins, one of her father's star basketball players, who now teaches English at Eagle Heights. Liv finds that she can return home as she reconnects with the school through its annual dramatic Christmas Eve production, there where she became inspired to become an actress, and with Casey, an unspoken crush when they were students together. But as Liv and Casey start to fall for each other, a future for them could be placed in jeopardy if the paparazzi finds her, they who could manufacture any story they want with the right photograph--unless Liv can provide the truth to combat that which is made up. Written by Huggo

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