Rupan sansei 2014

The Crimson Heart of Cleopatra: a gift from Julius Caesar to the Queen of the Nile, it is a necklace of unrivaled beauty and inestimable value, with a ruby as its centerpiece. Once thought lost forever, it reappears centuries later in two parts possessed by two rival moguls: Pramuk (Nirut Sirichanya), chairman of Navarone Security and a kingpin within the underworld of Southeast Asia, has the ruby; Thomas Dawson (Nick Tate), an aging British tycoon and former partner of the legendary gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, has the necklace. Both have set their eyes on reuniting the Crimson Heart's two parts, which is said to symbolize Caesar and Cleopatra's reunion in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Inspector Koichi Zenigata (Tadanobu Asano) of Interpol hopes to make the bust of his life at the Dawson estate, where the world's top thieves have assembled to appoint a new leader to Dawson's thieves guild, The Works. Among them is Lupin the 3rd (Shun Oguri), grandson of Arsène Lupin and Dawson's protege, and Lupin's long-time rival Michael Lee (Jerry Yan). When Pramuk manipulates Michael into assassinating Dawson and capturing the necklace, Lupin vows to avenge his death and steal back the Crimson Heart by assembling his own elite team of thieves: sexy and cunning Fujiko Mine (Meisa Kuroki), cynical trigger-man Daisuke Jigen (Tetsuji Tamayama), stoic swordsman Goemon Ishikawa XIII (Gô Ayano) and tech wiz Pierre (Kim Joon). They descend upon The Ark, Pramuk's remote, heavily-armed island fortress, which is protected by an impregnable, state-of-the-art security system. Nevertheless, Lupin and his gang won't stop until they pry redemption - and the world's most coveted prize - from Pramuk's hands. But where does this leave Michael? Is he truly as ruthless as that fateful night has led Lupin and his friends to believe... or is there more to his story than meets the eye? Written by Madman Entertainment

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