Marked for Trade 2019

The crime drama unfolds the tale of Stella Martin (Lauren Johnson), a young lawyer, who becomes entangled in the investigation of a brutally murdered woman, potentially linked to human trafficking. Stella, a resilient woman with a cryptic history, becomes increasingly entwined with the case as she delves deeper, and her own inner demons start to resurface. Chief Taylor (Stephen Phillips) assigns her to the case due to her exceptional analytical prowess, even though she clashes with Detective Lewis (Michael Hagerman), the lead investigator. To solve the murder, they must set aside their personal conflicts and collaborate. As the story progresses, Stella's visits to her psychiatrist, Dr. Ross (Gus van Soestbergen), evolve from routine check-ups to something more sinister. While tension and drama pervade the narrative, the true enigma revolves around whether Stella is a reliable narrator. Her night terrors and medication-induced state blur the lines between reality and imagination. Is her perception of events accurate, or is her mind concocting a narrative to cope with the pain of her past? A documentary series produced by Tim Williams (TIMFLIX). Written by Popcorn Trailer

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