Grace of Monaco 2014

1961. Princess Grace, the former Grace Kelly, has been married to Prince Rainier of Monaco now for five years, they having two young children. Her transition from famed Oscar-winning Hollywood actress from a background as the daughter of a wealthy millionaire owner of a brickworks in Philadelphia to European princess of a small, exclusive and tight-knit principality has been a difficult one, the Monagasques who have been less than welcoming to her in her outspoken American nature. Even in her official charity work as head of a women's committee for the Red Cross, the other committee members largely grumble under their breath about her as their leader. Despite loving Rainier, their marriage is a largely distant one emotionally as he focuses on his role as monarch, now an especially difficult time in the on-going tension between Monaco and France under the leadership of Charles de Gaulle, who would, if he could, annex Monaco back under French control. She has a small entourage of trusted advisers who lead her through the maze of her life, including an American Catholic priest, Father Francis Tucker, currently based in Monaco, and she bringing back into the fold Rupert Allan, who worked as her Hollywood publicist. Despite the unofficial roles of the members of this entourage, Grace has never had official guidance into all that it means to be Princess of Monaco. She has always been courted by the Hollywood community to continue acting, the thoughts of doing so stronger now than ever in her general unhappiness, with a concrete high profile role offered to her by her oft late career collaborator Sir Alfred Hitchcock. She returning to acting would be seen by the Monagasques and probably Rainier as she turning her back on her royal duties. What Grace decides to do under the circumstances takes into account her own happiness, the welfare of their two children who nonetheless will inherit the throne, whether she loves Rainier enough especially in light of an action by France, and whether she sees herself as Princess, and what she can do for the monarchy, the principality, and its subjects in light of her relationship with Rainier. Written by Huggo

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