Fukrey 3 2023

Fukrey's Choocha,Hunny and Lali this time with Panditji are running a departmental store given by government but hardly have customers.They survive on small expenses by giving tips to others while Bholi is contesting the upcoming elections and wants help of Fukrey's.During opening of a public toilet people start praising for Choocha leaving Bholi aside.Bholi faces brunt from criminal Dhingra for speaking against water mafia as he is financing her party.Hunny realizes that if Bholi comes in power she will ruin Delhi and decide to contest Choocha against her and need money.Bholi's bodyguards Eddie and Bobby plan to ditch her and take Fukrey's to South Africa where their uncle Sinda has a diamond mine. Sinda is finding it difficult to locate the diamonds and Choocha with Deejachu can help him.After spending couple of days there Hunny realizes that the mine is empty and it was all planned by Bholi to keep them away from elections.The Fukrey's plan to elope to India to contest the elections but now carry a boon with them. Written by [email protected]

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