Bayala: A Magical Adventure 2019

The land of Bayala is a fantasy country full of fairies of diverse tribes (sun, forest, ice, rainbow and shadow) which magic depends entirely of the dragons. But one day Ophira, shadow fairies' queen, stolen all dragons' eggs to destroy the magic and leave Bayala absence of it, kidnapping too Princess Surah at child along several years, rising her with her cousin Princess Nuray, to the point to mutate her sun wings in shadow wings (just shadow fairies can fly at night). Discovering finally the truth, Surah tries to escape, being saved by male shadow fairy Jaro and the own Princess Nuray, escaping from shadow land to back sun land for meeting again her older sister Princess Eyela and her younger twin sister Princess Sera, warning them about Ophira's ambitions to rule Bayala. However, all changes when, in Eyela's coronation as queen of sun fairies, the young, clueless and adventurer Marween, taking it wrongly as a talking stone, finds a dragon egg and she gives it Eyela as present. It forces Eyela, Surah, Sera and Eyela's assistants Feya and Falaroy to trace a plan to reunite with his parents the baby dragon named Nugur before he breaks out all the egg, because if the first thing that Nugur looks isn't their parents, all his magic will vanish and Bayala will be commended. Asking help to Ice Queen, Rainbow King and Forest King, Eyela decides celebrate a Dragon Feast. While Eyela's retinue moves to the place of the feast, Surah, Sera, Marween and Nugur travels to Dragon Mountains for meeting Nugur's parents, with help of fairy sorcerer Bilara. But Ophira, with her own daughter Nuray as personal prisoner, is determined to use all her evil powers to stop Dragon Feast and prevent Surah's intentions to restore magic that brings back Bayala its former glory. Written by Chockys

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