A Brush with Love 2019

Jamie Spellman owns and operates Canvas Creations, a youth art school, in Seattle, she encouraging her students to transfer what is in their hearts to the canvas. She started the school one year ago following a devastating break-up, and it was only supposed to be a side business while she focused on painting, but it has become her main business, she not having painted at all this year, or dated for that matter, and she is expanding the school with a second location, to be franchised, with the help of her retired father, David Spellman, doing much of the contract work, he seemingly as excited if not more in it preoccupying his time during retirement. Every year, Jamie has entered the Cherry Blossom Art Festival, the winner who receives a one person show in Paris, but has decided not to this year as she has not painted anything as a submission, and as she has always walked away empty handed. In feeling Jamie is straying from what she really wants in life, Ava Hughes, her longtime best friend, encourages Jamie to do what she herself did which believes got her own life to the point of getting everything she wanted, from a great fiancé in Tom to her dream job: create a vision board. From the vision board she creates, Jamie, following what she tells her students, pours her heart out onto a canvas, it ending up being one of her best works. It also shows her that she not only wants to enter the Art Festival again this year, but that she also wants romantic love back in her life. While she has to come up with a submission to impress the Festival organizer Renee, who finds her existing canvasses good but not heartfelt, Jamie also has to work on the second outlet of Canvas Creations, and really wants to discover the identity of the mystery man she has painted on that vision board translation. All indication is that man could be Michael Herman, one of her new adult students who ticks off all the proverbial boxes. However, she is surprised is that she is starting to have feelings for Ava's brother, Max Hughes, a landscape architect who has recently returned to town to start work as a groundskeeper at the local conservatory where the Art Festival is being held this year. The surprise for Jamie is that Max has always been a thorn in her side since they were children, he, from what she has heard from Ava, leading a relatively commitment-free life in moving from one thing to another when life gets too tough, Jamie afraid that while he seems to be showing interest in her in return that he may run away if things get too real. Written by Huggo

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